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A proof that this world is going to hell.

This must be the latest evidence that this world is going to hell.

This video is wrong at so many levels. How can somebody even threat a defenseless animal like that?
Actually I really hope that somebody grabs that kid and throws him out from that bridge, maybe he won’t think that is funny.


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November 17, 2009 at 7:13 am

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The internet and why you should care.

Today internet is one of the things we take for granted, many of us have pretty much our whole life’s on it. We use stuff like Facebook to connect to people, we are having our calendars on there, and much of our communications are happening over the internet. In an instant you can find information about pretty much everything you want to know about, from how to take care of your flowers to nuclear physics. In the matter of seconds after somethings happens anywhere in the world you can get uncensored real-time updates.

You have access to one of the most important things in life, knowledge.

Knowledge is something that some people want to control, because the know that you are threat to them if you know about things. Politics fear you, because you can learn their game and their rules. You can learn the true history and what really happened.

If you can control information – then you can control people.

China is one of the many examples that are trying just that, they are trying to control the information people receives and shares because they know if people know the truth they will become a threat and they can no longer enjoy the power they have over those people.

This is not a new thing, throughout our history we have many examples of just that happening. Not that long ago the church tried to control who could read and write, thus making communication harder to gain control. People could not learn about other things, to get news they had to go to church and listen to a priest, and they also controlled the knowledge about many things.

When many people could read and communicate with others in an efficient way, by books and magazines they tried to ban book and magazines that had the “wrong” opinions and burning lots and lots of books. Whether or not you realize it the same thing is happening today, under our noose and it’s time to start to something about it.

Companies and politicians want to take away this freedom from you, and thus you must show them that you won’t accept it. It started with the “child pornography blacklists” around the world, that blocks “known child pornography sites”. Today many other sites, that has nothing to do with this things are on those blacklists. It’s simply plain censorship that they are doing, and what the pedophiles are concerned those blacklist have hardly any effect, it was just a way to get the people to accept the idea of censorship. (And yes child abuse MUST be stopped, but then using a system without any real effect to create another system to censor other inconvenient things is the wrong way to stop that).

When you start accept censorship of one thing, you accept the idea of censorship of other things.

Now they want to not only control us by censorship, they also want to listen to all of our phone calls, read all of our mail and log everything that you do on the internet. The excuse this time? To find terrorists (that are the new pedophiles now that they have played that card to many times). In other words they want to control you freedom and communication.

And before you say it, no they wont catch terrorists this way. Modern terrorist groups have many fun toys, and they have geeks that know how good encryption works, so they will never be able to get any useful information about the next 9/11. They are screaming “terrorists” just to make you accept this things, because you don’t want to be the one who says no to stopping them right?

As with the internet blacklist’s it’s just a mater of time before some politicians thinks that we should use huge amounts of information of other things, like looking into what inconvenient political parties are doing (parties far out to the left for example, because communism is the root of all evil, to bad that they have played that card and jumped to pedophiles instead). I’ll even bet that all that massive information would be used to find me, if I get to inconvenient to somebody high up in the political game.

Because here comes a another things that they want to take away in your freedoms, to freely express your opinions about things. That is the price we will pay if we don’t start doing something about it.

Written by Cynical Thoughts

November 16, 2009 at 4:57 am